The day I met Ted Neaves is a day I’ll never forget. My life without warning had been turned upside down overnight, a day or so after Xmas day/Boxing Day festivities. It’s hard to explain what those few days were like, but I’d never felt so lost and helpless in my entire life.

We called Ted, he’d recently moved to town and I understood that he had experience in criminal law.

Without any hesitation, he offered to meet with us straight away. I remember that because he came directly from the beach, zinc on his nose and sand on his feet, and led us through the back door of the office which was closed for the Xmas break. He was empathetic, optimistic & extremely helpful that day. Although I was still in shock over what had transpired over the past few days Ted managed to shed some light on the path forward for us.

Ted Neaves not only provided us with his expertise locally throughout those 3 years (and trust me when I say there were a LOT of late-night calls, emails, etc that he would always respond to) but he was also able to find us the right barrister/s for the actual trial.

Long story short, after 3 years of meetings, barristers, phone calls, emails, fact-finding missions, research, town gossip, hardships, discrimination, loss of friends, associates & reputation, we finally attended the Supreme Court NSW in Sydney every day for 3 months (trial by jury) Ultimately found ‘not guilty’ and had all charges acquitted. The words… “You’re free to go..” are words that I will never ever forget either.

It’s taken a while for me to write this review, not because he doesn’t deserve it, but because I just don’t think I can articulate how much he changed our lives or how much I appreciated him. He believed in us from the very beginning when many didn’t and ultimately became more than just our lawyer, he became great support, someone who would just listen when you needed to talk or provide clarity when you’re just not thinking straight.

So, yeh, Ted’s a good egg (orders coffee like a champion too) and is now also an honorary member of our family.


Having had many professional dealings with Ted and always receiving six-star service I’d have no hesitation in recommending Shoalhaven Lawyers. Ted and Toni are the easiest and most professional legal service providers I’ve ever used. Shoalhaven Lawyers by far the best in the business on the South Coast.


Thank you Shoalhaven Lawyers!


Our firm has used Shoalhaven Lawyers as our agent for two matters in the past month, and we have been very impressed on both occasions. Toni is very responsive, thorough, and goes above and beyond to achieve the best outcome for our clients. We are very grateful to Shoalhaven Lawyers for their assistance and we look forward to using the firm again whenever we need an agent on the South Coast.


I would highly recommend Ted Neaves and his team at Shoalhaven Lawyers. The service and support is second to none.


A personal thanks to Ted. Nice guy, great service! Highly recommended.


I highly recommend Ted and Shoalhaven Lawyers. My complex medical negligence case is in the best possible hands.


Efficient, reliable service. Highly recommended.


A very positive attitude to my case. Exceptional communication and a very professional approach. Highly recommend.


Thank you Shoalhaven Lawyers. Really helped me out in a tough situation.


Thank you Shoalhaven Lawyers. My lawyer explained the process and helped me through a difficult situation.


Ted provides professional, astute legal advice with care and consideration. He prepares for his matters thoroughly with the client always coming first. I can’t recommend Shoalhaven Lawyers enough.


Great service. Always available to provide assistance when required.


Great law firm.


Shoalhaven Lawyers helped me with property law matter. Friendly, reliable and efficent. Recommended.

O Kalina

Ted was professional, understanding and explained the criminal law & court process. I could not be happier with the outcome & would highly recommend him to anyone.


Ted helped me with two different cases. He is very professional and definitely someone you can count on when you are looking for genuine advice. Very happy with his work and I will definitely refer to him in the future.


Thanks Ted Neaves! Professional and reliable.


Shoalhaven Lawyers helped me with my motor vehicle accident claim. My lawyer explained the process and what steps I needed to take. Very happy with the outcome.

M Pirrello

Excellent lawyers – thank you Shoalhaven Lawyers!


Ted helped with my family law matter. 5 star service.


Highly recommended. Conscientious and gets results.


I was charged with drug possession. Ted secured me a non-conviction. The advice I was given was honest and concise.


Shoalhaven Lawyers helped me with my family law matter. Highly recommended.


What an excellent job! Thanks Ted Neaves.


I was on my Red Ps when I was charged with low range drink driving. I walked out of Court with a non-conviction and I kept my driver licence! I was over the moon. Highly recommended.


My lawyer helped me with my employment matter after my employer refused to pay me my redundancy and long service entitlements. Very happy with the outcome.