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Shoalhaven Lawyers care and listen and want results. An employee is often disadvantaged if they do not know what rights employment law gives them. Shoalhaven Lawyers can assist with understanding a contract of employment, responding to disciplinary and grievance procedures, and pursuing unfair dismissal and general protection claims. Our employment lawyers will advise on how to plead your case and what is the best jurisdiction for bringing your proceedings.

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For urgent advice, please contact Shoalhaven Lawyers for a free initial consultation. Shoalhaven Lawyers provide assistance with redundancy entitlements, workplace bullying/discrimination, and unfair dismissal and act for employers and employees in a range of matters. Our employment lawyers appear in complex State and Federal Court hearings.

Unfair Dismissal? 21 days to Lodge Your Claim

An unfair dismissal claim must be lodged with the Fair Work Commission within 21 days after the dismissal takes effect. If your claim is not filed within 21 days, then you generally cannot proceed with your claim. To be eligible for an unfair dismissal claim:

  1. You must be an employee;
  2. You must satisfy the Dismissal Test, the Income Test, and the Minimum Service Test; and
  3. Your dismissal cannot be a genuine redundancy.

Contact Shoalhaven Lawyers to ensure that you lodge your claim within 21 days.

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