Our senior Principal Lawyer, Ted Neaves, represents individuals charged with road traffic offences throughout Shoalhaven, South Coast, Wollongong, and New South Wales. To be successful, you need a traffic lawyer who knows the Local Courts. Ted Neaves has practised extensively throughout New South Wales and has appeared in 100s of driving-related matters and gives honest, considered, and realistic advice.

Shoalhaven Lawyers advise and represent individuals on a number of driving offences including drink driving, drug driving, licence suspension appeals, and negligent, reckless, and dangerous driving. We can also challenge and assist in any traffic infringement, such as mobile phones or speeding.

We offer our clients a Free First Consultation and a Fixed Fee if we take on your case.

Should I Pay My Penalty Notice

While it is tempting to pay your penalty notice immediately and “do the right thing”, by simply paying the fine, you could trigger a licence suspension, as once you pay your fine, you will incur 3 demerit points and if you receive too many points, your licence will be suspended.

Before you pay your fine, contact Shoalhaven Lawyers on 02 4454 5003 or admin@shoalhavenlawyers.com.au and talk to one of our experienced Traffic Lawyers about your options. Shoalhaven Lawyers has helped countless drivers keep points on their licence.

Police infringement notice

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