Our client is 18 and resides on the South Coast of NSW. She holds a provisional P1 driver’s licence. She was charged with low range (0.062) drink driving pursuant to s.110 (3) of the Road Transport Act 2013 (NSW) – a provisional P1 licence holder has a zero alcohol limit. Our client worked two jobs and needed her licence for work. She was concerned that if she lost her licence she would lose her job. Our client was also concerned that a criminal conviction would prevent her from travelling overseas. She pleaded guilty and her matter proceeded to sentence. In the lead-up to the sentencing hearing, our defence team gathered subjective material and our client completed the traffic offenders program.

The Court accepted that the offence was out of character and that otherwise, our client was a responsible road user. The Court was also impressed with the completion of the traffic offenders program and the insight she had gained from the course.

The Court issued our client a caution and did not record a conviction. She retained her driver’s licence and job.