Ted Neaves represented a man who was charged with 2 x possessing an unregistered firearm, 1 x did not secure a firearm, 3 x possessing a prohibited weapon (flick knife), 1 x possessing a suppressor, and 1 x possession of 400 grams of cannabis leaf.

Each charge carried a maximum penalty of 2 years imprisonment plus significant fines.

Upon review of the police brief of evidence, Shoalhaven Lawyers identified several weaknesses in the police case/evidence and, because of these weaknesses, were able to negotiate an amended set of charges and facts.

Pleas of guilty were subsequently entered to an amended (less serious) set of charges and facts and the matter proceeded to a sentencing hearing at Milton Local Court on 12 March 2020.

At the sentencing hearing, Ted Neaves told the Court that the defendant had no criminal history, had been a responsible firearms user for 30 years and that his offending conduct was “out of character”.

Notwithstanding the serious charges, the Court accepted Ted Neaves’ submissions and made a conditional release (formally known as a Section 10) order without recording a criminal conviction.

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