Lesser-known traffic laws you could be breaking

Australian road rules can be confusing because they are legislated on a state and territory basis. While there are many similarities, they are not the same between states and territories. In New South Wales, traffic law, otherwise known as the ‘road rules’ are updated from time to time, and it is important for all road […]

Your rights at work

In Australia, we have a range of legislation that covers the rights and responsibilities of both employees and employers to make sure that workplaces are safe and secure and that employment conditions are fair and equitable. Typically, the legislation that governs workplaces is federal legislation – that is it applies to all businesses across the […]

Making a claim against an estate

The relationships and bonds we forge over a lifetime can get complicated. More people are choosing not to get married, and some choose to have children even though they’re not interested in formally committing to each other. Other people will marry a few times, at various ages and stages of life, and as a result, […]

Australia’s largest cocaine bust: Shoalhaven Lawyers’ clients and South Coast fishermen ‘Not Guilty’

It’s a story with all the hallmarks of a blockbuster movie: An international drug syndicate involving a former rugby player, a Sydney entrepreneur, and a cohort of fishermen from the South Coast and Sydney Fish Markets, all of whom allegedly conspired to bring 2 tonnes of cocaine, worth around $1.4 billion, into Australia. Shoalhaven Lawyers […]